Family Hike


Let's go to the forest with the family!

Have you heard the story of the ancient head of giants? Halti and his friends have accidentally released a magic force that will abate if the five elements fire, air, water, earth and spirit are found in the shades of the forest. In order to find all the elements you have to solve some tasks with the help of the forest animals. Come along to an exciting adventure for the whole family!

Vuokatti Family Hiking is a free hiking event for families with young children. The hike will take place on Sunday September 8th on Vuokatinvaara in the fascinating terrain of Pöllylampi. There is a wide range of functional things to do and of course a fiireplace to grill sausages and enjoy your own snacks.

You do not have to sign up for this hike and you can complete the hike from 10am to 2pm.

Starting place: Vuokatinvaara parkinglot (road no. 8741, turn from road 76 with sign "Vuokatinvaara 2km")

Welcome aboard!

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