Halti Outdoor Weekend

The Halti Outdoor weekend is a new, season-opening event in the hilly landscapes of Vuokatti.

This event is organized to bring hiking, trail running and fat-biking enthusiasts together. It is a suitable for everyone, even families, who can entertain themselves on various hiking trails and several leisure activities. 

The Halti outdoor weekend consists of 7 different events: The Vuokatti Trail Challenge, Vuokatti Hiking, Vuokatti Fatbike, Vuokatti canoeing, Vuokatti Dog Hiking, Family Hiking and Vuokatti Overnight Hiking.

The main area of the event is the Vuokatti Hills where everyone can enjoy themselves in whichever way they want, from physical challenges to unforgettable hiking experiences. All trail runners and the hikers that choose to participate in the longest route, get to experience the UKK-route´s legendary 13 hills crossing, ultra-distance Trail runners will get to experience that twice. 

The Halti Outdoor weekend also offers many other programs and things to do. After all, it is Finland’s most diverse resort. There are accommodations available for everyone’s liking and to top it all off, it is very close to the Vuokatti sports institute event center.

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Halti Outdoor Weekend

Tällä paikalla on nyt lunta öbaut metri, mutta eipä aikakaan kun on jo kesä, syksy ja vaeltajan kohokohta. Ole tarkkana, Halti Outdoor Weekendin 7.-9.9.2018 ilmoittautuminen avataan tammikuun lopussa osoitteessa: www.outdoorweekend.fi

Halti Outdoor Weekend

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Reipasta uutta vuotta! 🎆 Nyt nautitaan talven outdoor keleistä!

Halti Outdoor Weekend

Rauhallista ja mukavaa Joulua kaikille ulkoilmaihmisille!

Halti Outdoor Weekend

Ensi syksyn Halti Outdoor Weekendin raamit ja sisällöt alkavat olla kohdillaan. Pysykää kanavilla - tarjonta julkaistaan ihan lähiaikoina!

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